2017/01/19 – Best selling 3 piece Kendo Bogu set!

By popular demand we are now selling the currently No.1 selling Men and Kote, the A-1 Alpha Men and MICHI model Kote, together with a TOKUREN Tare (worth ¥14,900 or ~$130) as a 3 piece set for ¥40,000(~$348)! That’s almost 50% OFF for a Men, Kote & Tare set with great value!

This is the most popular Men and Kote set sold on Tozando at the moment, with over 1000+ pieces combined sold only in Japan since it’s launch in a few weeks ago. This is without doubt the best selling MEN and KOTE in Japan at the moment!
With the highly regarded A-1 brand Men that is light and has a great fit combined with the natural and flexible wrist and durability of the MICHI model Kote and also the light and stylish TOKUREN model Tare, this is one of the most popular combinations of Men, Kote and Tare in Japan at the moment!

The two piece set for only the A-1 Alpha Men and the MICHI model Kote is only ¥30,000(~$260) until the 31st of May 2017! Or ¥20,000(~$175) for the A-1 Alpha Men and ¥12,800(~$110) for the MICHI model Kote separately.

Check it out!