2017/02/08 – New Tokuren Z Silver and ZX Gold Bogu sets available for pre-order!

We have just started pre-orders for two new Tokuren series Bogu, or rather two -Men, Kote,Tare- Bogu sets, the Tokuren ZX Gold and Z Silver!

So what’s new? Both these Bogu are made for competition and Shiai, meaning they are made to be very light and easy to move in, in addition, we are using a new type of padding for this Bogu set, which makes the Futon softer and provides a better fit.

That’s is not all, these two Bogu’s also come in different specs, the Tokuren ZX Gold is a 6mm Cross-stitch Bogu, and evolution of our popular Tokuren X Bogu set, that has come back and is now more durable and even more comfortable to wear, a “hand-stiched-style Bogu” that you can afford to beat up!

The Tokuren Z Silver is a 4mm Tight-stitch Bogu, very affordable and durable, perfect for people just starting to participate in Shiai.

So what if they are lightweight if they don’t protect you properly? don’t worry, we got you covered there also, the Tokuren Z series, even though it’s made to be as light as possible, has proper padding in all the strike zones of the Men and the Kote, so that you are properly protected at all times. Both Bogu are also equipped with the Tozando IBB Safety Guard attachment for even better protection against Tsuki.

Check them out on our page now!