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Kendo Step

Strengthening your Kendo Step – The Connection between Track & Field and Kendo

A sudden question – are you good with your stepping? Those who are skilled in their stepping make a nice “bang” sound. But even some veterans struggle with this. You should step in not from your heel but from your toes, or rather, your whole feet should come down at Read More

Heel Supporter for Kendo

Kendo Foot Supporters: To Use or Not to Use?

For kendo matches, some may be wondering whether it is fine to use foot supporters. For those who have pain in their foot, or those who do not want extra pressure on their foot, supporters play an important role. Many are thinking they would like to use them if it Read More

Kendo Kihon Kamae with right foot forward

Why is it forbidden to put our left foot forward?

In kendo, you are often told not to put your left foot in front when you enter your kamae. There is no actual rule regarding that kind of position, and in fact there are many positions where your left side is in front, such as the hidari-jodan, hasso-kamae, and waki-gamae. Read More