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Tozando Kendo player holding Shinai with Jodan Kamae

Asking a Jodan Kenshi

Jodan is known as the “stance of fire” or the “stance of heaven” and it is the first of the kamae (stance) you learn in the Nihon Kendo Kata. It is an aggressive posture and requires not only a lot of arm strength, but also courage and dignity. We asked Read More

Illustration of Kendo Henka Waza

Henka Technique in Kendo Part 2

Point of Caution in Applying Henka Trying out the henka moves introduced here straight away in matches will probably not work out well. There is a saying: practice like it’s a match, and play the match like it’s practice. When you use an untrained skill in a match, it will Read More

Illustration of Kendo Henka Waza

Henka Technique in Kendo Part 1

Kendo is a martial art that developed during the Edo period Until then people trained with wooden swords, but that changed to the shinai and they began wearing protective gear. And gradually rules were put in place to establish what has continued until today. Many techniques have been developed ruing Read More

Meditation controlling breathing

Control your breath, control the match

In sports, many believe that breathing is important, and that is the same in Japanese Budo. Moving in the rhythm of your breathing gives your greater strength and speed, and brings out the best of your abilities. Moving with your breathing is necessary for a high level of performance. There Read More

Kendo Kihon Kamae with right foot forward

Why is it forbidden to put our left foot forward?

In kendo, you are often told not to put your left foot in front when you enter your kamae. There is no actual rule regarding that kind of position, and in fact there are many positions where your left side is in front, such as the hidari-jodan, hasso-kamae, and waki-gamae. Read More

Sasaki Kojiro and Tsubame-gaeshi sword technique

Sasaki Kojiro’s Secret Technique: Tsubame-gaeshi

There are many techniques in kenjutsu, and one of the most infamous is the “Tsubame-gaeshi”. Not only those who have taken up sword-fighting, but anyone who knows Miyamoto Musashi would probably have heard of this famous move at least once. Tsubame-gaeshi is a technique where you swing the sword down Read More

Kenshi putting Kendo Men

Preparing Your Mind To Win

In Kendo, as your prepare yourself mentally in order to win matches, the first thing to note is that it is a sport against someone else. If you try and do things that your opponent doesn’t like, you can gain the upper hand. To do that, it is important to Read More

Kendo Ippon

Know the Standards for “Ippon”

To get an ippon or to win in kendo you need “heart”, “skill” and “physique”. Only when these are all combined can you gain ippon. Regarding the “heart”, it’s about having a still mind, or to concentrate on the match. In order to concentrate better and to get your spirit Read More

Aikido Nagewaza

3 Tips for Improving Your Aikido

If you’re an Aikido practitioner, it’s safe to presume that you want to see improvements in your technique. And with that goal in mind, you practice day in day out to achieve it. The truth of the matter, however, is that there are probably a lot of practitioners who feel Read More