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Tozando Kendo player holding Shinai with Jodan Kamae

Asking a Jodan Kenshi

Jodan is known as the “stance of fire” or the “stance of heaven” and it is the first of the kamae (stance) you learn in the Nihon Kendo Kata. It is an aggressive posture and requires not only a lot of arm strength, but also courage and dignity. We asked Read More

Toda Tadao receiving his winning trophy at All Japan Kendo Championship

Memorable Kendo Matches 18: Tadao Toda(1962 and 1964 All Japan Kendo Championship)

Corporate Kenshi who pioneered the “jodan-boom”. In his later years he became the pioneer leading kenshi with the double sword. In only his second year as a company kenshi, as the Post-War competitive Kendo scene was established, he fought his way straight to the top! It was Toda Tadao who Read More

Kendo Kamae – Jodan

In kendo, your kamae is more than just how you stand and hold your sword. Each kamae has its own personality and peculiarities. In this article we are taking a look at the distinctive and dramatic jodan-no-kamae. With its unmistakeable silhouette and powerful reach this stance is very attractive to Read More

Jōdan-no-kamae Part 2: How to improve your technique

In the Jōdan stance you raise your Shinai up above your head, leaving your torso wide open. Unlike when two Chūdan practitioners fight, there is no offensive Shinai techniques such as Harai-waza going on between the two practitioners while they try to create an opening to attack, and this might Read More

Jōdan-no-kamae: The stance of fire

Jōdan-no-kamae (上段の構え) is one of the five kamae in Kendo and is also called hi-no-kamae (火の構え), meaning “the stance of fire.” Jōdan does not allow for retreat, it is intimidating, and it is a technique that requires you make a one-hit-kill, lest you find yourself in a less than ideal Read More