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Cultivating your Spirit through your Kamae

This article is a translation of an essay by Tachibana Tatsunari-san, he works for Tozando and practices Yoshinkan Aikido and is currently 5-dan. In his essay he explores “kamae” – posture or stance – in training and why it is emphasised so strongly in Yoshinkan Aikido. In Yoshinkan Aikido, as Read More

Kendo Ippon

Know the Standards for “Ippon”

To get an ippon or to win in kendo you need “heart”, “skill” and “physique”. Only when these are all combined can you gain ippon. Regarding the “heart”, it’s about having a still mind, or to concentrate on the match. In order to concentrate better and to get your spirit Read More

Kendo’s Philosophy behind Non-Olympic Sport’s Worldwide Growth

On November 3, the 65th Japanese National Kendo Championship was held at the Nippon Budokan. This year, 5th dan Hidehisa Nishimura of the Kumamoto Prefectural Police, defeated 7th dan Ryoichi Uchimura of the Metropolitan Police with a double kote, claiming his second title which he first one two years ago Read More