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Jōdan-no-kamae Part 2: How to improve your technique

In the Jōdan stance you raise your Shinai up above your head, leaving your torso wide open. Unlike when two Chūdan practitioners fight, there is no offensive Shinai techniques such as Harai-waza going on between the two practitioners while they try to create an opening to attack, and this might Read More

Jōdan-no-kamae: The stance of fire

Jōdan-no-kamae (上段の構え) is one of the five kamae in Kendo and is also called hi-no-kamae (火の構え), meaning “the stance of fire.” Jōdan does not allow for retreat, it is intimidating, and it is a technique that requires you make a one-hit-kill, lest you find yourself in a less than ideal Read More