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Kozakura and Shobu: Patterns that typify Samurai’s spirit

In the last article about   shokko, we looked at the wonderful patterns that adorn many mune and ago of bogu. This time we are going to take a closer look at the patterns with which most kendo practitioners are familiar, such as Kozakura (Cherry blossoms) and Shobu (Japanese Iris) Read More

2014/11/21 – Toryumon Sakura Karakusa Koshirae Renewed

Our popular Toryumon series of Iaito for beginners and cost performance hunters has just been renewed again! This time it concerns the Toryumon Sakura Karakusa Koshirae that has been renewed and improved, and it also comes with black or silver-plated fittings now, similar to the Toryumon Higo Koshirae which was updated a few weeks Read More