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2019 All Japan Kendo Champion, Kunitomo Rentaro

Interview With Rentaro Kunitomo, The 67th All Japan Kendo Championship Winner Vol.1

It was really “third time lucky” for Rentaro Kunitomo who won the All Japan Championship. 5 years ago, he entered the Championship for the first time and came 2nd, and two years later he also achieved 2nd. He kept challenging for the title, and he finally reached the summit on Read More

Kunitomo Tsubazeriai

National Players Showing their Worth and Underdogs Fighting Valiantly Part 2: Interviewing quarter-finalists from the 66th All Japan Championship

“I could have won with a little bit more study and creativity” Quarter-finalist Koki Maeda (Osaka, Osaka Police, 25) Last year he advanced to the quarter finals in his first appearance at the tournament, and he played in all the games for Japan in the group tournament at the World Read More