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Woodblock print of Samura committing Seppuku scene

The Loser’s Big Stage

The previous article on seppuku was met with a lot of responses, so I would like to write a follow-up. As mentioned, seppuku initially was not something one did to take responsibility for a mistake, but was done in order to follow a deceased master to death or to kill Read More

2015/06/22 – New Suzaku Series Iaito, Muradori Koshirae!

A flock of birds (muradori) flying away from their nest together in the morning is a symbol of a new start. As evidenced by the sentence “muratori no muradachi inaba (when a flock of birds flies away together)” in the Man’Yoshu?, the term “muradori” is used as makura-kotoba for words Read More

2015/05/01 – “Battlefield Koshirae”!

Success in battle not only meant the acquisition of personal honor, but also obtaining territory and land, which might eventually become a province in its own right, ensuring the prosperity of generations to come. This “Kassen Koshirae” is inspired by medieval Japanese battlefields. The Fuchi/Kashira is decorated with an arrowhead, Read More

What does “Shaku” means?

The shaku is a traditional unit of measure used in Japan (and other country in Asia) with a length approximately equal to 30.3cm or 11.93in. As with other measurements, it was originally derived from nature: the average length between nodes on bamboo. The shaku may be divided into ten smaller units, known as  sun in Japanese. Ten shaku are equal to a jō in Read More

How do I take care of my Iaito?

After each use, clean the blade surface with a soft cloth or a tissue paper to remove dusts, fingerprints and any marks. Wipe the blade upward, one way, starting from the base to avoid any injury. If you wish to use Uchiko powder and Choji oil, squeeze the Uchiko lightly Read More