2015/12/01 – New options for Kendo Zekken!

We have just added some new options to our Kendo Zekken! This time we have updated the webpage so that first of all, all Zekken can be ordered in Adult or Junior sizes after much requests from our customers. and we have also added a new type of fabric for the Embroidery and Clarino Types of Zekken.

Also, until now we used high quality #10,000 Indigo-dyed Cotton Fabric for all our Zekken, but now you can also choose to use Indigo-dyed Sashiko Cotton fabric for your Zekken. The Sashiko type of fabric most people probably know as the type of fabric that is used for Kendo Gi, so we are sure most of you have seen if before and are rather familiar with it. Unfortunately though, the Sashiko Cotton Fabric can not be used for the Heat-press type of Zekken since the pattern prevents the heat-press text from properly attaching to the fabric. 

The sashiko pattern provides a nice accent and makes your Zekken stand out among your peers, so for those who wants something different, yet discreet, you might want to try it out!

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