2016/10/07 – BioClean Dry-mesh Kote with free Musashi Charm!

In October over 400 hundred years ago, Miyamoto Musashi was said to have participated in the Sekigahara Battle on the side of the Toyotomi family, after this big battle Musashi started his travels around Japan and dueled many famous swordsmen the following years. One of the most famous bouts he had was in Kyoto against the Yoshioka school and family, where he after two consecutive victories against the senior sword instructors had a show down with over 40 members of the Yoshioka school at the Ichijo Sagarimatsu pinetree in Kyoto.

It is said that Musashi stopped by the Hachidai Shrine, which is located in close to the Ichijo Sagarimatsu, before the duel and that he was going to offer a prayer to the gods to ask for help during the duel. However, he changed his mind saying that he should depend on himself and his own talents rather than depending on the gods.

To honor Miyamoto Musashi and his famous Niten Ichiryu, dual wielding sword-style, we will offer a special version of the BioClean Dry-mesh Kote with a “二天” embroidery and also a free Miyamoto Musashi Omamori charm from the Hachidai Shrine in Kyoto until the end of October!

Check it out!