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Panasonic ES Wins 55th Kinki Corporate Kendo Championship Part 2

Women’s Tournament 20 teams were split into 4 blocks and played group matches, and the top team from each block advanced to the semi-finals. Out of 4 teams in the semi-final, 4 teams were Panasonic ES teams. The only other team was NTT Japan West B, who won the championship Read More

It’s never too late to start Kendo, no matter how old you are

Kendo is not a sport, but rather Budo, so that’s why respecting the etiquette in Kendo is very important. Life is just like Kendo, a life-long pursuit of knowledge and practice. Lately, it has become very popular do “リバ剣” (Ribaken; Revival Kendo) in Japan, meaning that the parent’s decide to Read More