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Ando Sho doing Kendo Keiko

Interview with Sho Ando, World Championship Winner Vol. 2

At the end of persisting with his own style of kendo Last September, you won both the individual and team games at the World Championship. Looking back now, what kind of tournament was it to you? The result was fantastic, I couldn’t have asked for better. But if I think Read More

World Kendo Champion, Ando Sho

Interview with Sho Ando, World Championship Winner Vol. 1

Persisting with his own style of kendo – no matter what. Sho Ando (Hokkaido Police) achieved victory in the individuals at the 17th World Kendo Championship, and in the team competition he saved victory for Japan as the taisho. From a young age he has practiced and pursued an orthodox Read More

Ando Sho at 2018 All Japan Kendo Championship

Interview with Sho Ando, World Championship Winner Vol. 3

In the end, persisting with his own style of kendo In your daily training does your desire to imagine real match situations in every practice and every strike ever weaken? Sometimes, when things don’t go well despite practicing hard, you lose motivation. But it’s all up to yourself, I think. Read More

Takahashi Hideaki won 2000 World Kendo Championship

Memorable Kendo Matches 19: Hideaki Takahashi (2000, 11th World Kendo Championship)

Taisho match with both teams tied, a fully spirited move grabs the victory. Takahashi fought to erase the pain of the past defeat and overcome a tricky situation The 11th World Kendo Championship, men’s team games, held in Santa Clara, California in the United States, saw an intense encounter earlier Read More

Mizuki Matsumoto at the Kendo World Championship in 2015

Memorable Kendo Matches 15: The only Japanese Player to Win against Korean Players: Mizuki Matsumoto (2015 Kendo World Championship)

Matsumoto’s brilliant performance helps Japan see off advancing rivals It was the first time in 18 years that the World Champs were held in Japan, and the 16th edition played at the Nihon Budokan saw Japan and South Korea fight to the death. The rivalry between the two nations was Read More

2007 World Kendo Championship in Glasgow

Memorable Kendo Matches 4: Naoki Eiga (2003 World Championship)

– World’s Top Tsuki Strike which Defended the Japanese Crown – The 12th World Championship Team final between Japan and South Korea continued on until the daihyo match. It was the 6th year running that the two neighbors met in the final, and the last two editions had gone on Read More

The 10th World Kendo Championship in Kyoto

Memorable Kendo Matches 3: Masahiro Miyazaki (1997 World Championship)

The World Championship was held in Japan – the first time in 6 editions and 18 years. The 10th World Championship at Kyoto was the beginning of the fierce rivalry between Japan and South Korea. For the first time in the history of the competition, the team games were divided Read More