2016/09/30 – Budo On Demand streaming service

Today we are proud to present you a new Budo content streaming service, Budo On Demand. For a long time much of the premium Budo content was only available in Japan in the form of DVD’s which in most cases were not subtitled in English, making it unwatchable for most of the international Budo practitioners.

Tozando being the largest Budo manufacturer in Japan, has made an effort in contracting many of the premium Budo content producers in Japan to try to offer the content in a more modern and readily accessible digital format, complete with subtitles for non-Japanese speakers. The result of this is Budo On Demand, a streaming page for international customers who are interested in premium Budo content that previously has not been accessible outside Japan.

Although the amount of content available is still very few, we will continue to add content as soon as it is ready, so that you can stream it and watch it at your own convenience.


Please note that as a introductory offer, we will offer a $1 discount on all content that is available until the 3rd of October.

Please use the following discount coupon when you make your purchase: BOD1


So do check out our new Budo On Demand page!