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MUKOKU – A Controversial Kendo Movie Up in Theaters Soon

MUKOKU, based on Shuhei Fujisawa’s novel, will be going up in theaters all over Japan on the 3rd of June! The movie is about Kengo Yatabe (Ayano Go) a 5-dan Kendoka who stops practicing after causing an accident, now he spends his days drinking and working as a security guard. Read More

2016/09/30 – Budo On Demand streaming service

Today we are proud to present you a new Budo content streaming service, Budo On Demand. For a long time much of the premium Budo content was only available in Japan in the form of DVD’s which in most cases were not subtitled in English, making it unwatchable for most Read More

Tozando collaborates with film producer Yasuo Mikami on his latest movie “Shundo”

Commentary A long-awaited period film depicting the culture of bushido with heart-racing action and realistic sword fights! “Bushido”(original Japanese title: Shundo) is an authentic period film brimming with tension and bloody samurai sword-fight scenes. Regarded as representing the pinnacle of Japanese independent films, this work was written and directed by Read More