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image of Gyakudo

Why is Hidari-do Called Gyaku-do? Vol.3

Still more, in the first year of Taisho (1912) the Great Imperial Japanese Kendo Kata (the modern Japanese Kendo Kata) were enacted and, as I’m sure you’re aware, only the right-do is used. In 1922, Kaneko Chikatsugu, having studied at Koshi, announced that the reason for left-do being omitted in Read More

image of Gyakudo

Why is Hidarii-do Called Gyaku-do? Vol. 1

Striking points like men and kote, the rules of shiai, how to have keiko, or perhaps the shape of the bogu, and etiquette…For everyone reading this, these are all common sense things when it comes to how kendo is and how it is to be done. Have you ever stopped Read More

Matsuzaki Kenshiro, the 2nd place winner for the 67th All Japan Kendo Championship

Interview with Matsuzaki Kenshiro Vol. 4

I don’t want second place! “The number one university in Japan for kendo is Tsukuba.” Being told this from a young age by his father, it always stayed with him. On my high school career survey, I wrote Tsukuba as my number one choice. I felt strongly enough about it Read More

Interview with Matsuzaki Kenshiro Vol. 3

So, what is the full story to Matsuzaki becoming so accomplished? While we can only get a glimpse, it is worth it. December of his second year of junior high school Matsuzaki was the Taisho for his team in a prefectural tournament. He was defeated, and the team was knocked Read More

Matsuzaki Kenshiro smiling

Interview with Matsuzaki Kenshiro Vol. 2

Even though I had been able to focus on each individual match until now, with the finals in front of me, my emotions began to blur. It would have been fine if I were able to fight having accepted those emotions, but I allowed them to create a sense of Read More

Matsuzaki Kenshiro

Interview with Matsuzaki Kenshiro Vol. 1

Not making limits, going beyond them It was the 67th All Japan Kendo Tournament. In the shadows of Kunitomo Rentaro bathing in praise from every direction for his first All Japan victory, someone else was also gaining attention. Now, as Matsuzaki Kenshiro (21) takes each and brilliant step down this Read More

Hokkaido Police Kendo

Hokkaido Police 1: Asking Mitsuhiro Jishiro about the Way of Police Kendo

Recently, Hokkaido Police are threatening to dominance of the top 3 powerhouses of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Osaka Police, and Kanagawa Police. Hokkaido Police boats players like Mitsuhiro Jishiro and Sho Ando who have gained high standings at the All Japan Championship. What kind of training do they do at Read More

Ando Sho doing Kendo Keiko

Interview with Sho Ando, World Championship Winner Vol. 2

At the end of persisting with his own style of kendo Last September, you won both the individual and team games at the World Championship. Looking back now, what kind of tournament was it to you? The result was fantastic, I couldn’t have asked for better. But if I think Read More

World Kendo Champion, Ando Sho

Interview with Sho Ando, World Championship Winner Vol. 1

At the end of persisting with his own style of kendo Sho Ando (Hokkaido Police) achieved victory at the individual games at the 17th World Championship, and in the team games he saved Japan’s dignity as the taisho. From a young age he has practice and pursued an orthodox style Read More

Nishimura vs Ando at 2018 All Japan Kendo Championship

Interviewing Hidehisa Nishimura, All Japan Championship Winner Vol. 3

How much you can use your head to imagine the flow of the match Nishimura places importance on thinking about kendo outside of practice time. He studies through kendo magazines, and he reads books not only by kendo players but by athletes of all kinds of sport. He says he Read More