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Gemon Koshirae Iaito Sword

Tozando’s new Iaito sword with verse of Buddhist gatha

Gemon is buddhist gatha and this Gemon Koshirae features the verse of gatha that Buddha once said to his principle disciple Mahakasyap. It reads “HO WA MOTO HO TO SHITE MUO NARI, MUHO MO HO TO SHITE MATA HO NARI“, literally meaning that the laws of Dharma were initially not Read More

Japanese Sword Maintenance Guide Part 2: How to maintain your sword

How often your perform maintenance depends on what sort of blade you have and what you use it for.  If you have an iaito from Japan that is made from Zinc/Alluminium you do not need to use uchiko powder because it will not rust.  If you use it for iaido then you should oil it as and when is needed.  However if it is for decoration only then once every two months should be fine.

image of drawing the sword

Japanese Sword Maintenance Guide Part 1: How to draw and sheath your Japanese sword

It goes without saying, that Japanese swords are precious cultural treasures, but if it is handled roughly it might be damaged or might cause injury to yourself or someone else. If that happens, the value of such a precious treasure might be lost and we don’t want to embarass our Read More

Japanese Iaito Buying Guide: how to choose your right Iaito

In this article we are going to take a look at how to go about choosing the right iaito for you.  Beyond the aesthetics and theme of the koshirae, there are many factors like blade type and tsuka length to consider. We go through each step of the process recommending Read More

2016/10/07 – New fittings for Suzaku series Custom-made Iaito!

The Suzaku series Custom-made Iaito which we announced recently has been very popular and our craftsmen are very happy as they worked long and hard to prepare this new product for all our customers! This is the first time We are happy to announce that thanks to the hard work Read More

2016/09/23 – NEW Suzaku series Custom-made Iaito!

Today we at Tozando are very proud to be able to present you with the New Suzaku series Custom-made Iaito! As you might know our Kyoto Iaito Workshop has been experimenting with a lot of new Iaito designs lately, which we also posted pictures of on Facebook before, now, all Read More

2016/04/08 – New options for Suzaku Iaito

Our Suzaku line of Iaito that are made in Kyoto, has been quite popular among our customers since we started making them roughly a year ago. With the increased amount of orders, our in-house craftsman has also had to level up his skills to cope with the orders and request Read More

2016/02/25 – NEW Tsuba models for the Custom-made Iaito!

We have just added a few new Tsuba models to the Tozando Custom-made Iaito! Among the new Tsuba models, there is 4 models that are particularly interesting, this is since they are “Hamidashi Tsuba“, this is a type of Tsuba that are sometimes traditionally used for Wakizashi or Tanto, which Read More